Worlds best tweeter

For the Gida  loudspeaker we could have used a conventional *dome tweeter (*most commonly used type) they are cheap and can play fine- we think they lack resolution and detail. So the choice was made to use a *AMT driver (*Air-Motion-Transformer, invented by Dr. Oscar Heill) a type that is regarded as the best sounding- and due to complex manufacturing often is only seen I real high-end systems.

The AMT uses a folded pleated Mylar Diaphragm of a mere 0.0005” thickness! The voice coil is a serpentine pattern of precision etched aluminum chosen for light weight and high power handling. Unlike a normal piston loudspeaker which excites the air by alternately pushing and pulling the diaphragm, the AMT displaces the air by alternately squeezing and expanding the pleats, moving the air at a very high velocity. Because the moving mass of the AMT is extremely low, and the magnetic structure very powerful, this combination results in extremely high acceleration yielding amazing transients. The AMT’s low mass and high output allow for a unusually high combination of efficiency and bandwidth to be attained in a single loudspeaker.

No other tweeter gives one the feel of sound just coming out of nowhere- once listened to the highs from the Gida there is no way back.